The Lost Folks

If your name appears on this  list, please get in contact with the Debbie Warren as soon as possible ( we don't know how to get to you!)

Please email us with contact information on yourself, or anyone else you know of on this list. We want to make the 50th GREAT!

 Last updated 05/17/2023 10:37 AM        Count as of 05/17/2023 is 44 lost

Bigham, Rebecca
Bollinger-Miller, Linda
Boyd-Roberts, Jill
Brinkmeyer, Allen
Cantu, Maria
Case, Jonathan
Cerda, Albert
Christenson-Fowler, Melinda
Clark, Dianne
Cole, Dana
Cullen, Patricia
Deleon, Josh
Dukes, Debra
Heinemann-Schlecht, Gail
Jackson, Cheryl
Jackson, Darrell
Lee, Carolyn
Lee, Ronnie
Mayes, Dorothy
Mayland-Gumnick, Lori
Mitchell, Melvin
Moore, Sheri
Morgan, Susan
Morin, Perri
Myers, Emma
Nicholson, Debra
Norton, Steve
Orther-Trawick, Connie
Page, Frank
Parsons-Mattison, Lori
Pierini, Bill
Powell, Carol
Reinert, Sherry
Slaton-Telle, Treasa
Smith, Anthony
Smith, Carolyn
Snyder, Diane
Torres, Sylvia
Von Rossum-Light, Gloria
Watson, Cynthia
Werchan-Wagoner, Debra
Williams, Calvin
Williams, David